Richa Tattoo Studio, Nagpur
When I first took the decision of learning tattoos, I came across INKSCOOL known as one of the best in India. Since I was from Nagpur, all my staying facility in a girl's pg was arranged by the institute. After personal interaction with Syed Hamza sir, I got the confidence to enter this industry and knew that if I had to learn, it had to be from here. The course was vast and a lot of techniques were taught to me, he also shared all his tattooing secrets to make the best tattoos with all the students. Not only was he a good mentor but also a friend in disguise continuously supporting each and everyone of his students. Now I am the proud owner of Richa Tattoo Studio in Nagpur and I am able to make all kinda of tattoo right from 3d to portrait. Even after a year, if I come across any challenge, I always find Hamza sir helping and supporting me always. He is the best teacher ever. Thank you for everything."

Tattoo Artist: Richa Barmat

Studio 37 Tattoos, Washim


This Inkscool Tatoo training institute boasts of experienced tattoo artist Hamza ali providing tutelage and tips to the students. I have completed my professional tattoo course from this renowned institute.

I have learned various color filling, shading, 3d tattoo making, sketching and a lot of advanced tattoo techniques. It has not only enabled me to become a successful tattoo artist but has also taught me about how to interact with clients and how to handle my shop properly. In just a few months time, I have made so many tattoos which i cannot even count. My clients are extremely pleased with my work and hygiene standards that has been taught to me by Hamza Ali sir.

The course which i did covered both the theoretical and practical aspects of Tattooing. Things like preparation of skin for the process of tattooing along with the settings for needles etc. are part of the curriculum of the course. Apart from the training, good candidates also get the opportunity to work as apprentices in their own studio.
Thank you syed hamza ali sir for you continous guidance and support till this date.


Yours truely,

Aditya Khadse

INK STROKE Tattoo Studio, Ahmednagar

"I completed my course of professional tattoo making from INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute Pune. I was initially learning from a reputed tattoo studio by paying a heavy amount however I soon realised that in order to be a successful tattoo artist and to establish my own business I had to join this Institute. Syed Sir not only guided me by teaching me everything he knew, but also shared his vast experience and knowledge with all the tattoo students. We also got the opportunity to interact with clients, run his tattoo business and also make tattoos on our clients after the training was completed. The whole experience of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and the observation sessions, allowed me to become a better artist and to know the techniques in details. He is truly one of the best teachers who shares everything, all the secrets and business trade methods with his students. In less than a month I have accomplished my own tattoo business in Ahmednagar and running it successfully with plenty of clients every single day. Thank you so much Syed Sir for everything and I am proud to be associated with INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute and Studio."

Tattoo Artist: Amit Korde

Canvas Tattoo Studio, Pune


For anyone serious about a career in the art of tattooing, I would highly recommend INKSCOOL TATTOO TRAINING INSTITUTE & STUDIO. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting to customers as well as students.
Syed Hamza Ali sir is extremely talented and his creativity knows no bounds. He is not only highly knowledgeable in the theory and technical aspects of the tattooing field, but he is continously striving to increase his knowledge and skill. On top of that he is a very patient and effective teacher that actually cares about his students and their future.
My time here was very smooth and educational. I found INKSCOOL to be a positive learning environment with knowledgeable instruction. It was clean and well-organized–they took into account different learning styles, flexible when working with traveling students, workspace was nice and chill, quiet and calm. Overall I had a wonderful experience during the course of my training.
I guarantee that you will not find a tattoo school with more integrity. If you are looking for a quality education and a solid foundation from which to start your career, INKSCOOL TATTOO TRAINING INSTITUTE & STUDIO is definitely the place to go.

Tattoo Artist : - Deepak Kivnar

Alpha Tattoos, Pune


"Inkscool tattoo training institute has given me confidence by educating me about tattooing in such a way that I have no words to express. One of the best institute to get educated in the field of tattooing . Syed Hamza Ali, tattoo artist & trainer is one of the most honest & successful tattoo artist who educates all his students thoroughly. I am thank full for joining Inkscool & I am very much confident as a tattoo student as I have learned a lot of skills and techniques about tattooing in such an amazing institute ... Syed hamza Ali sirji I would name you as a nuclear bomb for your creative mind .....I thank you deeply from my heart .."

Tattoo Artist: Shashank Rao


Buzz Art Tattoo Studio, Buldana


Firstly i would like to say that I was very excited to learn creativity from a perfectionist called Syed Hamza sirji. Then when I took the decision of learning tattoos, I choose “ INKSCOOL TATTOO TRAINING INSTITUTE, PUNE ” as it is the best in India.

The perfectionist Syed Hamza Sir trained me and helped me in improving my skills. He tought me each and every skill and tricks that no one would ever teach about tattooing. I had really awesome moments in this institute. Sirji always treated his students like frieds and was very chilled out  even if the work pressure was high. He has tremondous knowledge in the field of tattoo and he always encouraged us to improve our skill and perfection in our work .

He is the best teacher who cares too much about his students. Now Iafter having completed my course successfully from “ INKSCOOL TATTOO INSTITUTE, PUNE,  I really miss those days of my training institute. INKSCOOL is the best tattoo training institute. I really miss u sir…


Tattoo Artist :- Amol Bibe

Gauri Tattooz, Mumbai


Initially i was a little scared about entering this industry as i was a complete fresher and had no idea about this field. I wanted to become a tattoo artist as i was very passionate about the beauty industry. I went to many studios and institutes inquiring about the courses but somehow i was not satisfied. However, immediately after stepping inside INKSCOOL and after speak to Syed Hamza Sir, i knew that this was the place to be. Not only i was guided and mentored under his keen supervision but my skills were taken to a whole knew level that i had never imagined.  Hamza sir, is not only an amazing mentor but also a person who genuinely cares about his students and stands beside them in times of need.  Even though i have started my own business, and running it successfully, there are still times when i really really really miss those good old days at the Super Amazing Institute called INKSCOOL.

Tattoo Artist : - Gauri


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