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Syed Hamza Ali

Syed Hamza Ali is the founder, artist  and CEO of INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute & Studio.


A visionary artist and a sought after professional tattoo artist living in Pune, India. He has vast expertise in the field of tattooing and art, and is also a well known and experienced teacher. He has conducted various workshops and training in the field of tattooing, fine arts, wall paintings, grafitti designing, sculpting, carving and craftmanship, canvas paintings, advance drawing techniques and much more.


At INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute Pune,

Syed Hamza Ali is focused  on training freshers and artists into becoming professional tattoo artists through regular tattoo making classes, observation sessions, practice sessions, theoretical knowledge, business management, shop management, client interactions,

art designing and freelancing work.


Approved Skill Providing Institute - Ministry of Labour & Employment   

ISO Certified Institute 9001:2015

Call Us @ 8806928209

 Govt. Of India (National Career Service) 

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