Syed Hamza Ali

Syed Hamza Ali is the founder, artist  and CEO of INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute & Studio.


A visionary artist and a sought after professional tattoo artist living in Pune, India. He has vast expertise in the field of tattooing and art, and is also a well known and experienced teacher. He has conducted various workshops and training in the field of tattooing, fine arts, wall paintings, grafitti designing, sculpting, carving and craftmanship, canvas paintings, advance drawing techniques and much more.


At INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute Pune,

Syed Hamza Ali is focused  on training freshers and artists into becoming professional tattoo artists through regular tattoo making classes, observation sessions, practice sessions, theoretical knowledge, business management, shop management, client interactions,

art designing and freelancing work.

Frequently asked questions

Question By Clients Getting Tattoo

Are Tattoos Safe?

Yes, as long as you go to a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety precautions.

Will getting a tattoo hurt?

  • YES! Receiving a tattoo is a painful process however the pain is bearable and addictive. It also depends on the painthreshold of the client. It requires the application of pigment under the first epidermal layer of the skin. The larger the tattoo the longer it will take to do, so small tattoos hurt less than large ones.

How much is it going to cost?

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will ink you cheap, and you'll be crying to a real artist to have it covered up. Look for quality, and be willing to pay for it. NEVER haggle over the price of a tattoo. It is disrespectful to the artist. If you can't pay for quality, don't bother. This is not a bargain bin. It is a piece of art you will wear for life.

My friend just bought a tattoo kit and wants to practice on me. Should I let them?

NO! Your friend could be putting both of your lives in danger by foolishly trying to learn this at home. Tell them they need to get a proper apprenticeship, and they can start practicing on you when their mentor or teacher feels they are absolutely ready.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

Keep it clean and follow these instructions.

  • Leave bandage on for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Remove bandage, wash with warm water & soap, pat dry.
  • Never bandage again.
  • Before scab forms apply ointment recommended by the artist 2 or 3 times daily.
  • Stay out of chlorine pools, salt water, and only minimum sun exposure while tattoo is healing.
  • DON'T PICK AT SCAB. Tattoos will heal in 10-15 days.

Will my tattoo start fading?

  • We use the highest quality pigments found in the industry. These pigments are not cheap and not easy to find. The reason we have been able to stay in business is because we use nothing but the best. Our work is guaranteed to stay bright and sharp forever.

How do i select the right design for myself?

In order to get a unique and creative design for yourself it is important to approach a good tattoo studio. Just dont get a tattoo that you come across while searching through google images. Try to get something original and unique designed for yourself. Make sure it suits your personality and the colors used during the tattooing procedure compliments your skintone. Take time and never rush into getting a tattoo that you will later regret.

Questions By Tattoo Students

How can i become a tattoo artist?

You can become a tattoo artist by joining our professional course at Inkscool which has been prepared for you after years of constant research and development. Our curriculum and module is extremely effective and through our training methods we will ensure that you become a good tattoo artist.

I am not from art background, can i still become a tattoo artist?

Yes! You can become a tattoo artist even if you are not from the art background provided you work hard and you are willing to put that extra effort into bringing development in your skills. Together we can and we will make sure that your dream of becoming a tattoo artist comes true.

How much money do i need to start my tattooing business?

Now this really depends on the location where you would like to operate. For example, if you already have a space that you can use as a studio, You would need to invest in good quality machines, inks, furniture and other products in order to set up your studio. Your total budget can vary anywhere between rs 35000 to lakhs depending on the type of setup you are going for. At Inkscool, we will guide you and help you into purchasing the right products and equipments for your business and guide you step by step towards establishing a successful studio.

Can i become a tattoo artist by watching YouTube videos?

Well, one can never become a tattoo artist by watching youtube videos. Tattooing is a serious profession and while making a tattoo, one has to use needles and pigments and deposit that into the dermal layer of the skin. One slight wrong move is enough to cause trauma, bleeding, excessive pain, tearing of the skin, skin reactions, permanent skin damage, bloodborne diseases and a lot more. We need to understand that we are working on human skin and we cannot take any risk while operating the machine and while pushing the needle into the skin. At INKSCOOL we will make sure that you completely understand all the techniques and methods before you start making tattoos on anyone. Getting an indepth knowledge about the skin, its reaction to the needles, speed of machine, hand movement and placement, client's pain threshold, angle of operation and so many other factors are extremely important. You can watch videos on youtube only to get inspired and to get few ideas, but never become a tattoo artist by solely depending on it.

I currently have a job, can i still pursue a career in this field?

The answer is Yes! Absolutely! Even if you have a job you can still become a part time or a contractual tattoo artist. You can also become a freelancing tattoo artist where you can travel to your clients house and make tattoos for them. It is not necessary for you to quit your job completely and start your tattooing business. You can pursue this even as a hobby and later turn it into a full fledged business.

What is the career scope in the tattooing industry?

Tattooing is a booming industry presently and it is set to keep growing in the upcoming years. With the hugh demand in the indian market, there are few shops trying to meet the daily requirement. In the upcoming months and years the projected demand is going to rise further and for that we need more trained and professional tattoo artists.

Why should i join INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute Pune?

At INKSCOOL (ITTI) Pune, we have carefully researched and developed our programs, curriculum and module to make it extremely effective for everyone aspiring to become a tattoo artist. We totally understand that for most of you it is a Life Changing decision, and we want to make sure that you invest your hard earned money in the right place. There are tons of people out there trying to teach just to earn a quick buck, but for us it is an extremely serious business. At INKSCOOL, we have a vast setup with the best possible artistic infrastructure and equipments to ensure smooth functioning of the learning program. Along with Syed Hamza Ali there would be more trainers to guide you every step of the way to help you overcome all challenges and difficulties that will arise during the learning process. With the help of patented learning techniques, we will ensure your success towards the completion of your tattoo course. INKSCOOL is completely dedicated towards the success and betterment of its students even after the completion of the course. Your success is our NO. 1 PRIORITY.


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