The Lion-Scorpion Tattoo Design by Syed Hamza Ali at INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute And Studio ™

This original concept of the Lion-Scorpion tattoo design has been created by Syed Hamza Ali. The client wanted a tattoo that would show ferociousness and strength, however he also wanted something that would include the zodiac signs of himself and his wife. And what better than the Scorpion and Leo Zodiacs itself, the zodiacs you should never mess around with. The concept of the lion transitioning into a scorpion is truly a unique idea and this design is truly one of its kind. Syed Hamza Ali not only put a lot of time and hardwork in this tattoo but also made sure that no details were left behind during the creation of such a detailed oriented tattoo. The client was speechless and awestruck after the completion of work, and now he cannot wait to get more tattoos done by the master himself. To book your appointment or for more information visit or visit INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute And Studio ™ Pune India. 

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