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Welcome to INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute And Studio Pune India ™, here we aim at providing world class tattoo training facility with international tattoo certification, so kindly check with us if you are looking for Tattoo Training Courses in India. At our tattoo training school we have proper modules, methods, curriculum and a technical approach for learning tattoo making through which we guide our students during the professional tattoo training course. Through practical, theoretical and observation sessions at our institute and studio, students get live exposure to this field by interacting with clients and making designs, tattoos and explaining information to clients also. Here is a list of information which you can go through for knowledge purpose. For more details, you can visit our tattoo training institute and discuss in details with the trainer and tattoo artist Syed Hamza Ali.

Professional Tattoo Training Course :-

Duration : 2 months

Course: ICTAC - International Certified Tattoo Artistry Course (Foundation to Advance level)

Tattoo History, traditions and methods of tattooing.

Tattoo machine types, understanding machine parts, machine assembling, repairing and adjustments.

Classification of tattoo needles and their uses.

Tattoo stencil making techniques and practice using hectograph sheet.

Detail of human skin structure and role of different layers in tattoo making.

Tattoo classes on making lines, geometric shapes and lineart work on artificial skin using various tools.

Tattoo classes on colour packing, loose filling, texturing and transition of different colors on artificial skin using different tattoo machines.

Tattoo classes on learning to do three dimensional shading with different color tones to produce 3d and realism tattoo work on artificial skin.

Classes on learning portrait and realism tattoo work on practice skin using tattoo machine.

Understanding of color mixing and theory, contrasting, saturation and toning down.

Basic to Advance drawing training, free hand sketch training, digital drawing, tattoo composition, designing tattoo cover-ups and the list is endless.

Tattoo machine and tattoo equipments sterilization and disinfection

Study of blood borne diseases and pathogens

Study of human body, muscle flow and anatomy for design preparation

Health and safety requirements according to International Medical Standards

Knowledge about safety hazards and precautions to be taken in tattoo studio

Tattoo aftercare guidelines, precautions and regulations

Indepth details of important items used in studio like Autoclaves, UV Chamber, Disinfectant agents, Application of tattoo bandages, and disposal of contaminated materials and equipments.

After the completion of the training, students will be guided to make small tattoos in presence of the trainer in our studio. These will be free of cost tattoos and tattoo students can make these tattoos on willing people for free.

Apart from all these trainings, we would also teach our students how to set up their own studios at very less cost, legal matters for establishment, customer dealing and client interaction, taking care of the studio and it's equipments, pricing and quotation, and will also provide them with lifelong support and guidance for their success and growth in the field of tattoo industry.

On completion of the complete tattoo course the student would be awarded the International certificate by the trainer Syed Hamza Ali at INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute And Studio Pune India ™, which can be used world wide.

Join us today and become a part of the best tattoo school of India with world-class tattoo training facility.

Contact information:

INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute Pune Bliss Apartment, 3rd floor, Studio No:6 Opp. Oxford Comforts. Above Dr. Manish Pawars Clinic. Salunke Vihar Road. Wanowrie. Pune:411040.

Mobile no: +91 8806928209

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