Information About The Indian Tattoo Industry

Before entering the ever growing industry of tattooing and body art, people usually have questions regarding the rules & regulations, requirements, educational qualifications and a lot of other questions associated with this industry. In this blog, Syed Hamza Ali has tried answering most of the common questions which is usually asked to him by tattoo students, tattoo artists and media.

Syed Hamza Ali is a very old and sought after tattoo artist of Pune. He has made his name in the tattoo industry through constant research work and development, through his tattoo work, organising workshops and events, giving lectures, and training hundreds of students in the field of tattooing and body art industry. He is the owner of INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute And Studio Pune India ™ which is dedicated in training artists and students from across the globe, and providing employment opportunities to artists from various background.

Now let's go ahead and find out some information about the ever growing Indian Tattoo Industry.

Job Description Of A Tattoo Artist

The tasks a Tattoo Artist is expected to perform include:

• Pricking skin of patron using needled electric tool that inserts indelible non-toxic pigment into skin to form decorative or ornamental design • Shaving area to receive tattoo and washing it using germicidal soap • Tracing design on the skin using charcoal coated stencil • Adjusting and repairing minor faults in the equipment How Is The Work Environment?

• It is a desk job • Need not handle a team • Local travelling is not a part of this job role • Part-time work and contractual jobs are available • Work from home option is available Working Hours For A Tattoo Artist Or A Tattoo Studio

• Salons usually work for 5/6 days a week for 8/9 hours everyday. This may vary from salon to salon • Being self-employed is an option. In this case, the working hours and days will be flexible • Shift system may be available Is The Job Suitable For Candidates With Special Needs?

Maybe, this may vary from organization to organization.

Educational Qualification And Training For Tattoo Artist

• Preferably, 10th with the ability to read, write and communicate effectively on the job • Certified training for Tattoo Artist (programme aligned to BWS/Q0702 released by Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council)

At INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute And Studio Pune India ™, the tattoo course is aligned to BWS/Q0702, following rules and regulations of the Govt. Of India, with accreditation from Australia and New Zealand. Key Competencies Of A Tattoo Artist

• Proficient in pressing charcoal-coated stencil, draws design, or traces pattern of design onto skin of patron, to mark outline of design • Knowledge of dipping needles of tool into colored pigment solution and pressing needles into skin to insert indelible pigment into skin following outline of design • Well-versed with applying sterile dressing to area • Adept with sterilizing needles in steam heated cabinet (sterilizer) • Knowledge of mixing non-toxic colored pigments according to formula • Proficient in adjusting and repairing needled electric tool, using hand tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers • Adept with drawing original designs on paper, tracing designs onto acetate sheet, and cutting out design to form pattern or stencil, using stylus and knife

Desirable Competencies of A Tattoo Artist

• Artistic skills • Creativity • Customer-centric Career Progression Path

Tattoo Expert ↑ Senior Tattoo Artist ↑ Tattoo Artist ↑ Junior Tattoo Artist The progression is indicative Job Opportunities For A Tattoo Artist

• India: Yes • Abroad: Yes Expected Earning Of A Tattoo Artist

• For new entrants - Rs 16,500 to Rs 25,000 per month • For candidates with 2 - 4 years of experience or more - Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month This figure are indicative and subject to change. Overview Of The Beauty And Wellness Industry In India

The beauty and wellness industry in India is growing at a CAGR of 18.6 percent driven by a burgeoning Indian economy The sector is thriving on the increasing section of affluent and middle class population that has started considering beauty and wellness as a necessity instead of a luxury, as perceived until sometime ago. In beauty and salon segment, workforce requirement is expected to grow from 34 lakhs in 2013 to 121 lakhs in 2022. Based on market interactions, beauty sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent with 23 percent in organized sector and 15 percent in unorganized sector. In beauty products and counter sales sector, workforce requirement is expected to grow from 7 lakhs in 2013 to 18 lakhs in 2022. Based on market interactions, beauty products and counter sales, sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent with 24 percent in organized and 17 percent in unorganized sector In the rejuvenation segment workforce requirement is expected to grow trom just 29,000 in 2013 to 213,000 in 2022. There is a shift towards the emerging mark over 50 percent of the total beauty sales by 2018 expected from developing countries. The estimated market size of the global industry is $1.4 trillion. All these factors put together is only going to increase the job opportunities for Tattoo Artists across town and cities in India.

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